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Referral program

Someone in your environment currently has a project and needs high-quality visualization? Support those around you and benefit yourself! Because with the recommendation program from Immodarstellung, you get for every new customer referred 20% Discount on your next project at Immodarstellung. And of course receives also her acquaintance 20% Discount on his first order from Immodarstellung!

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How does the action work?


The referred person enters the following details in the "Additional project details" field during the ordering process:

• "Advertised by"
• Advertiser's email address
• Advertiser's customer number


Following your order, you will receive a confirmation of the discount for the first project from one of our employees.


The advertiser receives an email from us with a voucher for a one-off 20% on the next order, which he can redeem at any time! The Immodarstellung team wishes you a lot of fun with the campaign!

Rules of the action:

Below you will find the official regulations of our advertising measure in which the "discount coupons" presented in the advertising text are simply referred to as "coupons" for the sake of simplicity:

1. Both customers who are already registered with McGrundriss and new customers can be recommended.

2. A customer can make as many recommendations as he or she wants.

3. The coupons are valid for 12 months from receipt and are not transferable to third parties. The vouchers are collectible and their values are cumulative. A customer can theoretically receive a free registration - with collected collected vouchers.

4. The recommendation process, including the discount, can only be completed after the offer has been prepared and accepted for the person making the recommendation and the person recommended - the simple transfer of contact details or the like does not justify a discount. A coupon is only generated after all invoices for an order related to this referral program have been paid.

5. Customers cannot be recommended twice - not even from two different parties.

6. The discounts provided by the coupons can only be applied to orders of € 500 or more and only up to a maximum of € 2500 net order value.

7. If an order is canceled by the customer, the invoice amount of which has been reduced in advance with a coupon, the coupon remains valid and can be used again.

8. These regulations, as well as the promotion itself, are currently valid until December 31, 2021 - McGrundriss reserves the right to extend the period as desired.